Fem D

Hi, my name is Fem D. I am a Music Producer, Artist and Filmmaker (the ‘D’ in my name stands for ‘Director’). I produced music (and also an artist) for a group called PCE Crew. It’s a gospel group, but with an African/Pop/Hip Hop flare. I’ve performed with this group and as a solo artist all over the world, one of the highlights being a performance at the Excel Center in London in front of 50,000 people!

I’ve landed endorsement and sponsorship deals with million dollar companies and brands. I’ve also had music in film and television and I’m a Grammy Voting Member.

I created iAmazeMusic as a place where I can share knowledge on how to succeed as an indie artist and where we as artists can share our experiences and pass on knowledge to each other as well. I still have a lot of goals and aspirations I want to attain. Let’s go on this journey together!

This is the era of DIY (Do it Yourself). There are so many tools out there to put you on the same playing field as some of the big name artists in today’s music. Whether you are a Music Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Hip-Hop artist, DJ etc, you don’t need a Major Label to succeed. It takes knowledge, persistence and hard work, but one thing is for sure. IT CAN BE DONE.

So go ahead. I dare you to dream. I dare you to believe. Go ahead. say it to yourself or say it out loud. Say…

I Inspire… I Innovate… I Amaze.