3 Benefits to Creating a Mastermind

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March 6, 2016
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March 6, 2016
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What is a Mastermind? It’s a group of driven individuals with the sole goal of using each other’s strengths, education, skill, experiences etc., to help the members of the mastermind achieve their dreams and goals. This strategy really helps me as an indie artist and music producer.

Earlier last year, a group of friends and I decided to create a mastermind, with the goal of helping each other actualize our dreams. I’m obviously in the entertainment field, concentrating on music and independent film. One of my friends in the mastermind is an IT Developer who decided to quit his job and start his own company, focusing on his passions; graphic novels and animation. Another friend is an international businessman. Another started a training course for Business Analysts and the last friend in the mastermind began a cupcake business. While it would seem we don’t have much in common, there are several benefits to this mastermind. Let me list 3 benefits that are the most important to me.

Leverage Each Other’s Skills, Gifts and Talents

I’ll give you an example. My friend who loves animation created a short animated trailer of a superhero cartoon he was working on to pitch to investors. He needed voiceover work and music for his trailer. Well, not only did I provide voice over work, I also provided original theme music for his superhero! In turn, he helped me develop the website for this blog and also another website for me to house and showcase my music to clients. This is the beauty of a mastermind.


Another thing a mastermind does is create accountability. With my mastermind, we meet often and ask for a progress report on what we discussed at the last meeting and we do everything in our power to help each other success. Trust me, you don’t want to be the guy coming to a mastermind meeting with no progress to report! This really helps to keep you motivated and driven.


This by far is the most important benefit of a mastermind. Let’s face it. It can be really tough and scary chasing your dreams. Having a place to express your concerns and fears with like-minded people is invaluable. Not only can you learn from each other’s mistakes, but you can truly be uplifted and inspired by your follow member’s success story or breakthrough.

So really think about creating a mastermind to craft a map to your success. Make sure it’s filled with serious and driven people who will push you, and want to see you succeed.


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    Well said!

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